Laylat al-Miraj 2023

Shab e Miraj or Laylat al Miraj marks the day that Muhammad ascended to the heaven.Laylat al-Miraj 2021 will take place on 11th of March,that is July 27th 1442AH .

One year before the hijir year, the Islamic saint Muhammad is said to have traveled on the back of a white horse-like beast called Buraq, reaching the Far mosque in Jerusalem from the Al-Haram Mosque on July 27th, accompanied by angels, ascended to the extreme of the sky, received the inspiration of Allah, and returned Mecca before dawn. So Islam sets July 27th as the anniversary of the Ascension Night every year.

The Quran contains a brief description of it in the first verse:
Glory to Him who made His servant travel by night from the sacred place of worship to the furthest place of worship, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him some of Our signs. He alone is the All Hearing, the All Seeing.[Quran 17:1 (Translated by Abdel Haleem)]

Remember when We said to you that your Lord encompasses mankind in His knowledge. Nor did We make the vision We showed you except as a test to people, as also the accursed tree in the Quran.[Quran 17:60 (Translated by Tarif Khalidi)]

Some Muslims celebrate the event by offering optional prayers on this night, while in some Muslim countries, electric lights and candles are used to illuminate the city. Worshipers gathered in the mosque to pray. Some people may impart knowledge by telling them the story of how the archangel Gabriel purified Muhammad's heart.